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Case Study:

K1 Risk Management Services’ Journey with FGA

Industry: Security and Risk Management Services

K1 Risk Management Services, founded by Yonty Urrutia, is an emerging security business specializing in contracting security officers to various entities including malls, VA hospitals, agencies, schools, and residential neighborhoods. Despite Yonty’s experience in security guard and patrol services, his entry into federal contracting initially faced challenges due to a lack of past performance and accounts in both federal and security service sectors.

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The Challenge: Entering the Federal Contracting Sector

Keen to propel his business forward, Yonty faced the complex task of breaking into the federal contracting market. With aspirations to provide services to high-profile federal facilities, he looked for expert guidance to navigate this unfamiliar landscape, and, in February 2023, his search led him to Federal Government Advisors.

Insights from FGA's Audit

Upon contacting with FGA, it became evident that K1 Risk Management was missing out on substantial opportunities in the federal marketplace. Tamara Jones, an experienced Federal Contracting Professional at FGA, revealed the potential benefits from tapping into federal contracts. Initial challenges included a lack of effective communication and essential marketing tools, such as a federal landing page and a capability statement, which were key for showcasing the company’s services to federal buyers.

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FGA's Action Plan

FGA devised a comprehensive strategy that involved creating a federal landing page and a professional capability statement for K1 Risk Management. This approach was supported by direct assistance in developing the proposal and submitting it. Yonty’s increased engagement and improved communication facilitated a targeted effort to secure a significant contract with the Department of Veteran Affairs.


Yonty Urrutia’s investment in FGA’s expertise significantly transformed K1 Risk Management Services from being a novice in the federal contracting arena to becoming a significant industry player. This case study illustrates the positive impact of strategic guidance, effective communication, and commitment to the process in achieving federal contracting success. 

The collaboration with FGA shows the important role of expert advisors in overcoming initial hurdles and expanding opportunities in the federal marketplace. Congratulations to K1 Risk Management Services on their federal government contract, a proof of the vital support and expertise provided by FGA advisors on the journey to success.

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Are you ready to navigate the complex landscape of federal contracting and unlock the potential for exponential growth for your business? The success story of K1 Risk Management Services is a valuable proof of the transformative impact that expert guidance and strategic planning can have on your journey into the federal marketplace. Don’t let inexperience or uncertainty hold you back from seizing lucrative federal contracting opportunities. Contact our professionals at Federal Government Advisors today and take the first step towards elevating your business to new heights. Let FGA’s expertise and proven process pave the way for your success in federal contracting. Reach out now and embark on your path to success today!