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We’re glad for you to learn about FGA. Our experts have extensive experience spanning decades serving government contractors in business development and sales. Let us teach you the wheels-within-wheels of winning government contracts.

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Why FGA?

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Federal Government Advisors (FGA) is a Tampa-based consultancy that specializes in contract consulting.  The goal of our efforts is to put our clients on a path to win government contracts.  We are not yet another “federal award registration” firm.  We have in-house experts who can make capturing, bidding and winning on federal, state, and local work radically smoother than it would be for a novice to navigate the federal contract system themselves.  

To simply win government contracts isn’t enough.  You need a plan to leverage all winnings into greater relationships, higher credibility, and larger obligations.  In this World — companies are usually either growing or dying and if your plan is to wait for contact from a federal procurement officer then you might very well end up with zero results.

The process we implement doesn’t add deadhead to your company’s operation — it makes your existing processes and endeavors more abundant.  We are not in business to change the fundamental underpinnings of your operation — only to enhance them. 

Federal Government Advisors exists to make opportunities available to companies that otherwise would not have had them.  Whether it be a simplified acquisition contract or a protracted formal bidding process — our resources go a long way to level the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses.

Call today and find out exactly what sets us apart and why we have the rave reviews, track record of winning federal contracts, and overall satisfaction that most don’t find in the World of contract consulting.


FGA - Win Government Contracts

Solutions to government contractors

We are a solution-driven company with a custom approach.


Understand what registrations are for you, and have an expert create and maintain them. Federal, state, local, and prime Vendors.


The Government and the private sector has set-aside contracts for certified companies. Find out what you qualify for.

Capture Manage

Locate the right contracts for you by mining 2,200+ government websites simultaneously. Find competitors, pricing, and more.

Proposal Support

Our bid directors have a team of proposal writers that know your market's preferred pricing. From federal market research to strategic methods to your individual submissions.

three steps to success


There’s no end-all solution to winning government contracts. Instead, FGA has provided a method that has been proven successful.


Foundation is key

Understand how to do business in this marketplace. Get registrations, certifications, and master agreements as they apply to your business.


Gain Intelligence

Searching all public government opportunity websites is a waste of time. Our tool — GovConIQ will allow you to gather all intelligence at once. 


Acquire and Prosper

By understanding the key components and gathering intel, you’re ready to make an approach. What makes you the most approachable? What will make them buy?

Federal Government Advisors to help me "win government contracts"? Does that even make sense?

If you’ve been looking up and down various search engines and suggestions and have now stumbled upon us…know that it wasn’t random.  We’re exactly as phenomenal as your research has likely led you to believe.  

When we’re talking about “contract consulting” we’re talking about the ability to have experts working in your corner to help you capitalize on a multi-trillion dollar market.  Why do major entertainers have agents, and CEOs have lawyers on retainer? 

Because the value of the advice and systems they pay for dwarfs the relatively non-existent cost of said resources.  One non-bid, simplified acquisition, sole source, exceptionally simple to compete for contract can easily be 100X the revenue of what most of our clients pay for our systems, advice, and other services.

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