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Client Success

Successful Projects with Federal Government Advisors: Our Clients Results Show Exceptional Track Record.

Federal Government Advisors (FGA) Proposal Team has been instrumental in helping our clients win government contracts. Through our expansive experience and expansive network, FGA’s Proposal Team is able to provide a comprehensive understanding of the federal government procurement process and the best strategies to ensure success. Through our expertise and commitment to fostering strong relationships, FGA has positioned their clients to win functional procurements and national solicitations. Our incomparable proposal preparation and analysis of government requests has provided clients the insight to craft comprehensive responses and competitive bids. By consistently delivering successful outcomes, FGA ensures that our clients receive the contracts they need to drive their business and help the government meet its objectives.


1. HVAC Services - $1,900,000.00
2. HVAC Services - $600,000.00

Aurora Commercial Contracting

HVAC Services - $74,612.00

CLEI Group

Government Supplies - $226,000.00

War Room Strategy LLC

Aeras Compressor and Aeras Dry Vacuum System - $23,425.00

Iron Development

Construction Services - $100,000.00

Alexander Integrated Technology

Network Cabling - $9,000.00

Ventus Optics

Drone Service - $Cost Plus

Dental Love WorldWide LLC

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Trust The Process

We know all the minutia and protocols. We even have the receipts to prove that what we do works for the procurement of all types of government contracts which can benefit small and medium-sized businesses tremendously. Call us today to find out exactly what sets us apart and how we have earned the rave reviews and track record of helping businesses like your own win federal contracts.

When we talk about “contract consulting” we’re talking about having experts working in your corner to help you capitalize on a multi-trillion dollar market.

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