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Become A Military Contractor:

Help Americans

The US military has huge product and service needs and they are not able to handle all of this on their own. As a result, private companies are needed to help with supplying the US military each and every day. Each year, billions of dollars are awarded to military and defense contractors who actively bid on available government contracts. These are companies just like yours who could be awarded contracts of $100k or more. Many times, military contracts are not directly related to combat and request simple, everyday products and supplies, such as basic hardware, cleaning supplies, bedding, socks, etc. Get your business involved in government contracting to help supply military needs, assist in military preparedness, and win contracts that can drive more revenue toward your business.

We are here to guide you every step of the way

We Can Help With...



Understand what registrations are for you, and have an expert create and maintain them for federal, state, local, and prime Vendors.



The government and the private sector has set-aside contracts for certified companies. Find out what you qualify for and how large these set-aside budgets are


Contract Capture Managment

Locate the right contracts for you by mining 2,200+ government websites simultaneously. Find competitors, pricing, and more.


Proposal Support

Our bid directors have a team that know your market's preferred pricing. From federal market research to strategic methods to your individual submissions.