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What government contracts are available is public information, right?  It is, but that doesn’t make it simple or even realistic to rely on when you’re committed to succeeding in federal contracting.  There are over 2200 sources for information on federal, state, and local contract work.  This includes everything from ‘The Navy’ down to the ‘City of Baton Rouge’.  There is no one government provided source for this information.  You could theoretically scour dozens of the sources, but most people aren’t even going to do that.

What is needed to make capturing federal, state, and local contract opportunities simple is to have state-of-the-art data mining systems in place BEFORE the contract you want is available.  This by no means replaces the necessary human intervention of assessing the contracts available and strategizing how to consistently win government contracts, but it allows a contractor to allocate resources normally spent on somewhat mindless capture work.

Imagine having a system that gets to know you can easily be set to show you exactly the opportunities you want and saves you the laborious nature of running the same searches over and over.  This can save the average avid contractor hours of time every month and make the bidding process more streamlined.

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We know all the minutia and protocols. We even have the receipts to prove that what we do works for the procurement of all types of government contracts which can benefit small and medium-sized businesses tremendously. Call us today to find out exactly what sets us apart and how we have earned the rave reviews and track record of helping businesses like your own win federal contracts.

When we talk about “contract consulting” we’re talking about having experts working in your corner to help you capitalize on a multi-trillion dollar market.

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