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WBE Certification

Women’s Business Enterprise Certification

Unleash Your Potential with WBE Certification

Women’s Business Enterprise Certification is a formal recognition provided by government agencies or certifying organizations to businesses that are majority-owned and controlled by women. The aim is to promote, nurture, and back the expansion of women-led businesses,  stimulate their progress and raise the number of skilled competitors in the market.

However, certification processes are not easy, so FGA can help you empower your business by helping and assisting you throughout your certification process and beyond. 

 Your (WBE) Certification will enable you to enjoy the specific advantages in government contracting and private sector opportunities.

Certified WBE: Your Key to Thriving in Business

If you’re interested in getting your WBE certification, our team of Federal Advisors is fully prepared to provide you with the right guidance and help. Our FGA team has a full, comprehensive understanding of each step required to secure WBE certification. 

Because your WBE certification entails a series of steps within the application process,  we are fully dedicated to assisting you at every step, providing your with our steadfast guidance and expertise.


To qualify for Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) certification, several key criteria must be met. These include:

  •  Ownership and control by one or more U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident women to the extent of at least 51%. 
  • Conform to Small Business Administration (SBA) size standards, specific North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes, and adhere to regulations, including taxation and licensing. 
  • Documentation showing  ownership and control, personal financial disclosures, and the absence of affiliations that compromise independence. 

As Federal Government Advisors, we are here to help you out with all these, and some other requirements to get a successful application process.

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Certification That Sets You Apart

Women’s Enterprise Certification offers several valuable benefits that will make your business grow and stand out. Your WBE certification will enable you to:

  • Gain access to specific government contracts that are set aside exclusively for certified women-owned business, providing a reliable revenue source.
  • Get benefits in the private sector, as many corporations and organizations have supplier diversity programs that seek to include businesses owned by women 
  • Make your business stand out because it shows you care about diversity and inclusion, something many clients appreciate.
  • Expand your networking opportunities, enhancing marketing and branding,  since certification means you can go to events and meetings, making it easier to meet possible clients and people to work with.
  • Get access to resources, boosts visibility, and supports business growth while building a community of women entrepreneurs.

Obtain Women’s Business Enterprise certification and set yourself apart in the market. This isn’t just a certification; it’s your passport to expansion and recognition.

Start your WBE Certification Today!

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Unlock Opportunities: WBE Certification Program

WBE certification is a valuable tool for women-owned businesses seeking growth and expansion. It opens doors to opportunities, enhances your competitive position, and fosters connections that can drive your business to new heights.

Don’t let a lack of certification stand in the way of getting government contracts. Our assistance can simplify the certification process. Many women-owned businesses have lost out on valuable contracts and benefits simply because they lacked certification. 

Boost your business with WBE certification and open the doors to growth and success.

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Betty O'Neal

The FGA team has been invaluable, from helping us w/ applying for designations to forwarding and keeping us on the radar for opportunities that fall into our skill set.
Added bonus is putting us together with other contractors for subbing and partnering possibilities.

Craig BlowWar Room Strategy

Bill was a tremendous help in walking me as a beginner through the process of getting my first contract! I am meeting with him now to build my next campaign which will continue accelerating my business, War Room Strategy, with continued contract acquisition. Federal Government Advisors is a huge benefit! Begin the process and they'll help you too!

B. OlszewskiContractor / Master Carpenter

FGA is like having an outsourced back-office that's always sourcing contracts and giving you a better chance at winning them. It's a drop in the bucket to pay them if it helps me win more contracts, and I do win more with them than without!

Corey Lee

Hardworking team of knowledgeable guys that will give you feed back in good timing and give one on one coaching to get you results with the government.

Aurora Commercial ContractingAurora Commercial Contracting

FGA has been super helpful. We are a new business that just started this year and they worked with us to help us secure our first contact with the government. Their platform is extremely helpful because it consolidates every opportunity in one space and allows you to find the right project for your business.

Robb NelsonXpekt Interactive

These guys have become my go-to for advice on anything involving federal contracts. It can be a little daunting when trying to get involved in this area as a small company while also trying to compete with much, much bigger fish. I wasted so much time researching and waiting on replies.

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