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Case Study:

RMDS Enterprises LLC’s Breakthrough in Federal Contracting with FGA

Industry: Roofing Installation Services

RMDS Enterprises LLC, led by CEO Ryan Watkins, is a burgeoning roofing installation company that has been operating for about three years across Tampa, FL, Utah, and Colorado. Specializing in a variety of roofing installations including sheet metal roofs, blue tarp, shingles, and pyramid roofs, RMDS holds a General Contractor license in the three-state area where they operate. With a dedicated team of over 20 W2 employees, RMDS has specialized in residential home roofing but aims to broaden and enlarge  its scope to include federal contracting opportunities.

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The Challenge: Venturing into Federal Contracting

Despite their success in state and local jobs, RMDS Enterprises faced many difficulties in their journey to secure their first federal contract. The complex process of navigating, together with the lack of responsiveness from contracting officers, left the team frustrated and bewildered by the complexity of federal proposal submissions. Their first attempt to engage with a registration form only added to the confusion, and provided little guidance on how to  effectively submit their proposal.

The Solution: Partnership with Federal Government Advisors

The turning point for RMDS came when Sebastain Herrera from Federal Government Advisors (FGA) reached out to Ryan Watkins. During an extensive Google meeting, Sebastain not only highlighted potential opportunities but also explained  the real advantages of partnering with FGA, particularly their end-to-end proposal submission service. Impressed by FGA’s hands-on approach, Ryan signed up with FGA on May 26th. This partnership achieved success when RMDS secured a contract with the USDA Forest Service on September 27th, 2023, for a roofing project in Dolores, Colorado, followed closely by a significant contract for forest-wide roof repairs, bringing the total contract value to $128,822.

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Performance Improvement and Success

FGA’s expertise in federal contracting facilitated a fluent  transition for RMDS from residential to federal projects. The company experienced a real transformation, winning six contracts to date under FGA’s guidance. Ryan Watkins credits FGA for simplifying the complex process of federal contracting, emphasizing the importance of active participation and communication with FGA specialists to understand the scope of work fully. The success story of RMDS Enterprises LLC is one of the many cases that show the key role FGA plays in helping small businesses achieve their federal contracting goals.


Ryan Watkins’ satisfaction with Federal Government Advisors shows how expert help can greatly improve navigating federal contracts. RMDS Enterprises LLC’s journey that started with frustration, but ended up winning federal contracts shows how FGA’s close support can make a difference, from finding opportunities to submitting proposals. This case study demonstrates how small businesses can grow significantly with the right guidance and partnership.

Elevate Your Business with FGA: Start Your Federal Contracting Journey Today

Are you facing challenges in breaking into the federal contracting market? RMDS Enterprises LLC’s success story illustrates how expert guidance from Federal Government Advisors can turn your potential into real achievement. By partnering with FGA, you can simplify the complex process of federal contracting, from identifying opportunities to submitting and winning proposals. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your business to new heights. Contact FGA today and head towards success in federal contracting.